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Our Niche Leaders and Challenge Guests...

Your Host: Nicole Gebhardt, CEO and Chief Storyteller
Nicole is an experienced marketer, strategist, and your host for this 5-day challenge. Nicole works with speakers, coaches, consultants, and thought leaders to expand their influence and grow their business through strategic planning, authority branding, and publishing.

Debra Boblitt
Debra is an experienced executive with nearly three decades at State Farm Insurance Companies®, where she served as senior vice president. As the author of BOLD Mission, speaker, and coach, she helps leaders define their purpose, develop their skills, and live on purpose.​​

Susie Pinkard
Author of Stainless Steel Butterfly, Susie has navigated life's challenges as a working mother, widow, and Fortune 50 corporate executive. She now inspires others to embrace their own path with grace, humor, and faith..

Tammy Fellows
Tammy, creator of the "Tammy Tuesday" podcast, has an inspiring story of finding her purpose and helping others do the same. From experiencing memory loss to discovering meditation and a spiritual awakening, Tammy’s journey is a testament to the power of transformation.​

Dena Patton
Author of The Greatness Game, Dena is an elite business coach, speaker, and human potential expert who helps world-changing, purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs break records with their income and impact.

Amy Carney
Author, speaker, leadership parenting coach, entrepreneur, and elected school board member Amy Carney is a mom of six on a mission to help parents proactively live their lives and raise their children with more intention and purpose.

Jill McMahon
Licensed professional counselor and gun violence survivor, and author of Bulletproof: Healing After Gun Violence & Trauma. Jill has devoted her career to helping people heal after trauma with a focus on the complexities of suicide, loss, and grief.

What You'll Learn During The FREE Challenge!

DAY #1: Debra Boblitt & Susie Pinkard

Defining Your Mission

We'll kickoff our 5-Day Challenge with close friends Debra Boblitt, author of BOLD Mission, and Susie Pinkard, author of Stainless Steel Butterfly, to explore how they are reinventing their lives from Fortune 50 corporate executives to independent authors, coaches, and movement makers.

They’ll share their journeys and how they’ve used their experiences to follow their purpose and make a significant impact. You'll learn Debra's B.O.L.D. framework for bringing your purpose to life and discover how Susie faced some of life's toughest challenges with grace and strength, inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s timeless poem "If."

Join us and explore their courageous and deeply personal transformation to help you define and pursue your own God-given mission.


Your Inner Journey

On Tuesday, Tammy Fellows, creator of the “Tammy Tuesday," podcast will share her inner journey of finding her purpose and helping others do the same.

From experiencing memory loss to discovering meditation and a spiritual awakening, Tammy’s journey is a testament to the power of transformation.

Join us as Tammy shares how her podcast and upcoming book is giving her more opportunities to inspire and guide others. Learn how you can use your story to create a powerful impact and lead a movement.


Adopting a Niche
Leader Mindset

On Wednesday, Dena Patton, author of The Greatness Game, helps us address the mental game of elevating your mindset.

Dena is dedicated to helping leaders step into their greatness. In this session, we’ll explore how to overcome the smallness thinking that's holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Dena is not only a Niche author, she's also our resident mindset and identity coach for Niche Pressworks clients. 

As an expert on human potential and greatness mindset, you'll leave this session inspired and equipped to embrace your greatness, live with intention, and inspire others through your story and consistent action.


No-Excuse Living on Purpose

On Thursday we’ll be joined by Amy Carney, one of the most humble, generous, and authentic movement leaders you’ll meet.  Amy, author of Parent on Purpose, has dedicated her life to raising strong families and purpose-driven leaders.

Today, I’ll invite Amy to share her journey of overcoming limiting beliefs — from time constraints to gaining family buy-in — to go all in on her calling.

You’ll learn how she balances being a mom of six (including triplets and two foster adopted children) to being an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, foster/adoption advocate, and now elected school board member.

Join us as Amy provides practical advice and inspiration on how you can overcome your limiting beliefs and pursue your passions.

DAY #5: Jill McMahon

What's Stopping You?

We'll wrap up our 5-Day Challenge with Jill McMahon, author of Bulletproof: Healing After Gun Violence & Trauma. Jill is a licensed professional counselor and a gun violence survivor dedicated to helping others heal.

In this session, Jill will share her journey from believing she didn’t have the time or ability to write her own book to actually writing it all herself and loving the process.

We’ll discuss how Jill plans to turn her own trauma into a message that heals hearts and transforms lives. This session will focus on the courage needed to follow your purpose and the vision required to make an impact.​


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